A Message from the Chairman of the Board

Few real estate development and management companies can boast continuous growth and profitability since 1981. Michael Stevens Interests, Inc. and its affiliates have accomplished this feat by orienting our company and its 150 employees towards quality, excellence and integrity.

Our corporate goals are to own and operate our own real estate, operate for others who share our philosophy, and maintain a leadership position in real estate management information systems and technology. This corporate focus, combined with our extensive acquisition, development, management and construction experience enables us to maximize the return on equity for each of our partners and clients. Our record of success gives us, and in turn our partners, access to substantial financial leverage at favorable interest rates, further increasing the rates of return on our mutual investments.

Going forward we will maintain our focus as we continue to conservatively acquire and develop apartments and commercial projects that meet our stringent investment criteria. We hope to have the opportunity to share our continued success with each of you and thank you for the support and confidence you have shown us in the past.


Kim C. Stevens
Chairman of the Board
Michael Stevens Interests, Inc.